I am delighted you have shown an interest in helping to shape the future of Seven Sisters Market and the Wards Corner site.

The site has been blighted by the prospect of impending development for many years. Now that the planned development of the site has fallen away, Transport for London (TfL) is uniquely placed as the owner of the site to shape its future. We want to create a sustainable asset that serves the local community for the long term.

To ensure a bright and settled future for Seven Sisters and for the public good, TfL is committed in supporting the site becoming social value asset - with a market at its heart and the adjoining building being used to benefit the wider community.

We alone don’t have all the answers needed to make this happen and we have made the decision to form a Partnership Board, to be led by an independent chair. The Board will help guide the decisions needed by taking a collective view, balancing the needs of the traders and community, making right decisions for them, the site and TfL.

The role you are applying for will work as the independent voice in all interactions of the board – TfL, traders and other groups. We are looking for someone with strong leadership skills, who has a knowledge of setting up boards and bringing people together in a community asset. The role will shape a positive, collaborative future for traders and the local community.

You will work independently from TfL and you will assemble the right team of experts to help you shape the board. For its part, TfL has appointed a team who can support you in this endeavour. We have also started work to understand how the traders can come together to work as part of the Board. The chair’s role is vital in bringing traders’ needs and public representation into the Board discussions while also handling conflicts of interest in the decision making.

I truly believe the right chair will help us harness this diversity and passion, to create something special to benefit the community at Seven Sisters, opening opportunity for the market to thrive and the rest of the building to bring true social value and cohesion. This is a unique opportunity that can demonstrate – for TfL and for London – how our assets can be designed by and deliver for a local community.

I look forward to seeing this role progress and if you are successful, working with you to shape a solution.

white man wearing glasses

Graeme Craig,
Director of Commercial Development